What Is PAIC ?

Paul Abraham Immigration Consulting ( PAIC ) is an immigration company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Paul Abraham, a well-known and highly qualified Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) is the company's CEO. He has a strong track record of helping numerous international applicants enter Canada through various immigration programs, including Express Entry (EE), Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs), Family Class Sponsorships, International Student Programs, and Business Immigration Programs .

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Canada Immigration Service

Find out what immigration programs you may apply for, how to sponsor your family, and how to work with a representative. Since, all of the procedures, and policies are continuously revised, you need a perfect agency with experts with a solid portfolio. And we here at PA-IC, take pride in our work ethics and efficiency. Our experts provide a comprehensive image of the full immigration procedure to customers and aid them in resolving the related obstacles in a hassle-free manner by making excellent use of their extensive knowledge in the immigration process.

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Canada Permanent Residence

Get in touch to know exactly what suits you according to your situation. Be a student, or a professional, we at PA-IC understand the core system and work out the best possible assistance to get you your Canada Permanent Residence status. We use a distinctive and systematic method to offering immigration services such as Permanent Residence and Temporary Residence Visa, which assists our customers in landing in the best location of chances based on their profile

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Do you aim to relocate to Canada? Are you unsure about the best method to enter Canada? To make things easier, you may read the following information about CIC Canada rapid entry, which will help you solve all of your immigration doubts.

Canada Express Entry has heralded a new era in the Canadian immigration system. The new system is truly spectacular and has resulted in a significant change in the way the Canadian government selects skilled immigrants for entering this country. The CIC no longer passively processes applications, but rather selects the people it wants to invite into the nation from a pool of aspirants competing for a spot in the last chosen batch of qualified candidates.

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Canada Student Visa

PA-IC is your one-stop approach for all of your Immigration, International Career, and Education requirements. We offer experienced advice on getting Student Visas, Immigration, Visitor Visas, Business Visas, and Work Visas for Canada, the United States, and a few other countries. Learn how to apply, how to submit your application, what to anticipate after you are in Canada.

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